Mini-Gypsy Tour 1/2014 Photoblog

If I can afford it, there’ll be another motorcycle tour this year, hence the “1” in the title. Mini-Gypsy Tour 2/2014 will involve either Sturgis or Four Corners; haven’t decided yet. The first tour of 2014 was a more modest affair, a six-day round-robin from Tucson to Flagstaff, Las Vegas, Zion National Park, and back.



I Hate to Complain, But … (Updated)

Streaming video rant follows.

A little over a year ago we invested in a Roku box. We upgraded our in-house wireless network and signed up for increased download rates from Comcast, our high-speed internet service provider. And we subscribed to two streaming services, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Over the past year Amazon Prime streaming has […]


Thursday Bag o’ Geekery

Donna’s old Dell died this week, and last night we ordered a new MacBook Pro to replace it. Slowly but surely, Macs are edging out PCs around these parts. Four or even three years ago, if someone had told me we’d ever drink Steve Jobs’ Koolaid, I’d have scoffed.

But then I got an iPad, […]


Paul’s Book Reviews (and a Plea to E-book Publishers)

“She got out of the car, a tall woman with long fair hair and a smell of flowers and lemons, plus a trace of another smell that reminded me of what happens only sometimes to the females in my world. What would that be like, having it turned on all the time? Probably drive you […]


Martians on Motorcycles, Elizabeth Taylor, Eagles & Strike Eagles (Updated)

I’m packing for a motorcycle trip to Nevada and Utah, tomorrow through Monday. In Las Vegas I’ll stay with a friend, visit with the kids and grandkids, and take some day rides around southern Nevada; on Sunday my son and I are going on an all-day out & back ride to southwestern Utah, with Gregory […]


Light Monday Bloggage: Quarters & Typos

Donna saves change in a decorative wooden box, which I’m raiding this morning for quarters. It’s take-the-motorcycle-to-the-car-wash day. I’m going on a cross-country ride to Nevada and Utah later this week, and it just wouldn’t feel right to start a big trip on a dirty bike.

I read somewhere that the coin-op car wash industry […]


B & N Nook Review

How’s the new Barnes & Noble Nook working out, you ask? I guess I owe you a preliminary review, so here goes:

I want to first say first that I took to e-books and e-reading immediately. The Nook is about the size and weight of a trade paperback; a pleasure to hold. I love the […]