Anent the dead mouse in the dog food: I used Chewy’s online comment form to let them know what happened and they gave us a refund. We’re satisfied with that. Meanwhile, since we threw the last of the kibble away along with the mouse, we had a dog food gap. The dogs eat prescription food, so it isn’t like we can just bop down to Safeway and buy any old kind of kibble to tide us over until Chewy ships the next regular order. Fortunately, we have a prescription on file at PetSmart, where we can get a small bag to tide the dog over.

Or so we thought. Turns out PetSmart only keeps prescriptions on file for six months, and it had been a year since we’d been there. Fortunately, Donna was able to persuade them to sell us a small bag. While there we bought a mouse- and rat-proof food storage bin and a new harness for Mr. B.

I took the Gang of Three for a rainy walk the next morning so Mr. B could show off his manly new harness … eventually we’ll get matching ones for Lulu and Fritzi, but right now the pet budget’s exhausted. The next regular food shipment from Chewy arrived that afternoon, and I slowly poured the kibble from the bag into the new storage bin, watching for surprises as I did.

Polly’s been home for a couple of days. She had a telehealth counseling session yesterday but hasn’t told us much about it. It’s something she arranged for on her own, which is encouraging. More to come.

I have attained the next level of watch collecting: the one where people give you watches they no longer use. These are from my friend Ed.


The one I’m likely to actually wear is the black Casio Forester, and on my next trip to the watch repair shop I’ll have a fresh battery installed. The level under the dial is neat, even though it’s difficult to imagine a practical use for it, and anyway the spirit and bubble are long gone (but who knows, maybe it’s electronic, in which case it might start working with a new battery). The others are branded promotional watches, also quartz, also out of juice. They’ll find a home in my dresser drawer. Thanks, Ed!

It’ll be Valentine’s Day soon and while Donna pooh-poohs it as a Hallmark holiday I know she doesn’t really mean it, so at the very least I should cook dinner. Depends on how I’m feeling, though, since I’m having a spot of skin cancer removed from my left cheek that day. No, not that cheek, the other one. My dermatologist uses the Mohs procedure, cutting the cancerous spot off then having me sit in the waiting room while she examines the removed tissue to make sure she got it all. If she doesn’t get it all on the first try, back in I go and she takes another whack at it, repeating as necessary. Usually she gets it all on the first try, but when she doesn’t I’m there for a long time. If that happens I’ll stop somewhere for takeout on the way home. Kids, wear your damn sunscreen!

I read that Saturday Night Live just did a skit about Nikki Haley pretending slavery wasn’t the cause of the Civil War. Ha ha! Oh wait, wasn’t that like a month ago? And didn’t the media and every late night TV host ream her for it for days afterward? How daring of SNL to tackle a controversy that burnt out weeks ago. How topical! How with it! How funny! How … safe.

This is why I don’t watch that shit any more. Or Jon Stewart either. It’s corporate satire lite, and nothing ever changes as a result of it.

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  • I had a basel cell skin cancer on the ‘nair’ of my nose removed by surgery years back by a Kaiser Permanente surgeon. Then after lab testing I had to come back for another round to get it all. And in a follow-up inspection he didn’t like the look of the result so I went in a 3rd time so he could make the side of my nose cuter with a cosmetic procedure. Years later no cancer return and no scar is visible. And it cost me zip. Thanks Kaiser and SEIU. I’m a union man all the way.
    I’m too cheap to pay for cable and can’t be bothered learning how to ‘stream’- or paying a red cent for it, so my teevee watching is limited. I turn it on and surf through all the pixilating and freezing channels several or many times per day but rarely find anything worth watching through the commercials and static of broadcast teevee. I’d buy a better antenna despite my powerful frugality if they broadcast anything worth watching. But I’ll save my money for my eventual hospice care instead.
    Besides being safe, corporate, anodyne pablum, Stewart and SNL are profoundly unfunny. That’s unforgivable for purported comedy shows. The few funny skits and monologs are invariably shown on YouTube the next day so you need never suffer FOMO either. I’d rather play blues on bass guitar or read a 1965 Aircraft in Profile monograph on the English Electric Lightning or the A-4 Scooter.
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  • Below the fold update: I looked up the model number of the Casio watch Ed gave me and discovered what I thought was a level is actually a digital readout. So it’ll definitely work once I put a new battery in, except not as a level. Too bad … that would have been really cool.

  • It’s great to hear that Chewy responded promptly to the issue with the dog food and provided a refund. Navigating the challenge of getting prescription food was clearly a hassle, but it’s good that PetSmart came through in the end. The new harness for Mr. B sounds fantastic, and it’s nice to see the care you put into your pets’ needs. Best wishes for your skin cancer procedure, and a reminder to everyone to wear sunscreen is always timely!
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