Yesterday was a snow day, except it didn’t. Not where we live, although snow was reported in Vail, a little south of our Tanque Verde neighborhood. Cold and cloudy, that we got. The dogs opted for coziness, as did I, curled up with a bowl of popcorn and a good book.


I’m bewildered by the media’s obsession over Biden’s age and its reluctance to report on Trump’s obvious dementia. I’ll take a dead Democrat over any living Republican, thank you, and as for voting for … god, I can’t even type it.

While waiting for the snow that never came, I pulled out my cheap Casios and posted these photos.

IMG_9039 IMG_9042

Most of us, when we think of Casio watches, picture something square, black, and digital. But Casio caters to Team Analog as well. The one on the left looks like a chronograph but isn’t: the three sub-dials show the numerical date, the day of the week, and the time on a 24-hour scale. It’s mated to a matching metal bracelet that’s far too much trouble to change, unlike the more traditional watch on the right, which practically begs to be dressed up with different straps.

A friend called me out for conspicuous consumption — swapping out watches halfway through the day — but hell, with watches these inexpensive (less than 30 bucks each when I bought ’em) you need to wear at least two to justify the effort of putting one on in the first place. When I take out one of my more expensive pieces (and by “expensive” I mean more than a C-note), it stays on all day and sometimes two. But never overnight — I don’t wear them to bed. That’d be too obsessive, even for me.

Donna reminds me Millie will be here on Valentine’s Day, and now I learn Mary Anne’s coming for dinner as well, so I’ll be cooking shrimp & grits for four, five if you count Polly (we never know when she’ll share in what we’re having for dinner or make something for herself and disappear into the guest bedroom to eat it). Oh and did I mention going in for skin cancer surgery that morning? Where’s my husband of the year trophy?

Happy Superbowl to those who celebrate.

One thought on “Snow day

  • RE: Your question about Biden, I wonder what V Putin is doing these days besides showing us all that T Carlson is a traitor..Perhaps V Putin is behind the media fixation on Biden’s age? I can’t spot a better explanation. V Putin is highly likely to aid Trump in some way b/c a Trump win will benefit V Putin bigly.

    Can’t help you w/ the Trophy, too many females involved. Lo siento, amigo.

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