Monday Bag of Apples

My old PC started to die a couple of months ago.  As time went on the process accelerated.  I decided it was time for a new difference engine, so I made a fresh backup and went shopping.  While looking at new PCs and trying to sort out what kind of core to order, how much […]

Friday Bag o’ Fries

My computer’s back from the shop, and what a pleasure it is to work on it again.  Yesterday I typed a post on the other computer at Donna’s desk, where everything is six inches lower.  I couldn’t get through a single sentence without making multiple typos.  It didn’t help that she has her keyboard on […]

Because Fridays Are Better with Tarantula!

Last night I sat down to watch a Netflix rental (A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop) but Turner Classics was running an all-nighter of 1950s science fiction drive-in movies and that was all she wrote.  I am such a sucker for that stuff.  The two I watched were giant bug movies, a favorite […]

Light Saturday Posting

In Pima Air & Space Museum news, I’m ready to certify as a walking tour docent, but no one’s available to bless me until the 15th.  Knowing me, given two weeks to prepare I’ll cram so hard I’ll blow my certification tour by mixing up facts & figures for different airplanes or going off on […]