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In Pima Air & Space Museum news, I’m ready to certify as a walking tour docent, but no one’s available to bless me until the 15th.  Knowing me, given two weeks to prepare I’ll cram so hard I’ll blow my certification tour by mixing up facts & figures for different airplanes or going off on esoteric angles no museum visitor could possibly care about.  Must.  Stay.  Disciplined.


The second thing I ever wrote on this blog, on January 28, 2004, was a gripe about NPR’s habit of going into 24/7 horse-race mode a year and a half before every presidential election, giving short shrift to real news.  At the time I didn’t watch cable news and didn’t realize how much worse the TV talking heads are.  I’m sorry to see Rachel Maddow conforming to the template … I expected more of her.

Increasingly, the internet is the place to go for news, but the trouble with that is you have to know what you’re looking for, and then you have to search it out.  What have you heard about Fukushima lately?  Probably nothing, if all your news comes from TV and the radio.  But if you Google “Fukushima” you’ll find plenty of current reportage.  Not many of us, I suspect, are willing to work to get our news, and would rather have it handed to us by Brian Williams.  So Brian, eh, you ever think about doing, oh, I dunno … your job?


Shame on me for having a laugh at the stupids, but this website, Literally Unbelievable, totally delivers the yucks:

Yes, Virginia, some people really do believe everything they read.

What I want to know is where Sarah Palin read about Paul Revere riding out to let the British know Americans weren’t going to give up their guns.  Probably on the internet, which illustrates the downside of ferreting out your own news … how do you know what you’re taking in isn’t garbage?

But hey, Sarah’s garbled version of American history was worth a laugh, so I piggybacked on it:

If that Facebook post doesn’t get me unfriended by everyone in Cape Girardeau, I don’t know what it’s going to take!

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