Do I Feel a Draft?

Those assholes in khaki Dockers and white Polos we saw chanting “blood and soil” in Charlottesville? Had they spent a few years in the military, working alongside the rest of us, they never would have been carrying those torches in the first place.

My Interspecies Marriage, Redux

Speaking of Fox, when the pee tape finally comes out, what do you want to bet the very next day the hosts on Fox & Friends will be giving one another golden showers on the set? Now that’s one thing on Fox I will watch!

Wednesday’s Child Is White & Privileged

Poor Maxie. I called her Schatzi this morning. I don’t know if she noticed, but I did, and it set me back a little. Donna’s away again, though not far. She’s at a retreat with fellow members of the local American Sewing Guild. Every year about this time they hole up in a Tucson resort hotel with their […]