Air-Minded: a Cars & Planes Photoblog

Back-to-back car shows this weekend. Saturday’s show was an annual event at St Gregory’s Academy; Sunday’s was at the Pima Air & Space Museum. As car shows go, the air museum event was a small one, but it gave me an excuse to combine a motorcycle ride, a photo session, and a visit to the […]

A Day with the Car Nuts

Wednesday I passed my annual tour guide recertification at the air museum. An evaluator watched over my performance in front of a group of visitors and I somehow managed to squeak by. To celebrate, I spent Thursday in Scottsdale, Arizona. What’s in Scottsdale? The Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction, of course. This was my third Barrett-Jackson: […]

Monday Ketchup Catchup Blogging

I took a blogging break over the weekend.  A friend came to visit and we put him up on the Murphy bed in the home office, limiting our access to the computers.  Yeah, I could have done something with the iPad, but who has the patience to peck out an entire blog post with one […]

Car Show

My friend Darrell gave me a free ticket and VIP parking pass to the annual Tucson Classics Car Show, so I spent a happy morning mooning over beautiful metal. Car shows and auctions these days are dominated by 1970s muscle cars (this one was no exception), but I’m interested in older, stock cars, the kind […]