Old Fords at Udall Park

A friend invited us to a Ford Model A owners’ meet at a local park this morning, so we went over and took a few photos. The cars and trucks on display were a mix of Model As and Ts, some restored to better than new condition, some showing hard use (I think I liked those best). We had a nice time talking to the owners and sharing their picnic breakfast. We rode our Honda Goldwing to the meet … it’s a treat when Donna wants to ride pillion with me, and I wish we could do it more often.

As always, click on the images to see the full-sized photos on Flickr. And yes, I wore my Bullwhip hat, à la Indiana Jones … it seemed like the perfect morning for it.

IMG_5873 IMG_5857
IMG_5858 IMG_5852
IMG_5847 IMG_5860
IMG_5871 IMG_5845
IMG_5868 IMG_5855

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