TMI Saturday (Updated)

Most Facebook users, I’ve noticed, rarely post anything personal or honest (unless, that is, it reflects positive credit upon themselves). I treat my Facebook account as an extension of my blog, which is very much a personal journal. If I’ve done something stupid, I’ll fess up (so long as it’s not too embarrassing). If something’s weighing heavy […]

Pick-up Sticks

Like my sticks? They’re mine! All mine! Our sprinkler and drip irrigation system has given up. The timer doesn’t time, the master valves stick open, the underground tubes leak … the entire system has to be replaced, and the estimate is over 2,500 bucks. Of course it doesn’t have to be replaced. I can always […]

Friday Bag o’ Rant

Donna and I leave tomorrow on a road trip to a for-now classified destination. If we don’t have internet access where we’re going, you’ll hear from us later next week, when we get back. Meanwhile, those of you who suffer my rants on Facebook will enjoy a few days of peace. I try not to […]