The Glorious Fourth

Still playing catch-up … I realized this morning I’d forgotten to chronicle our neighborhood 4th of July parade, an event I photoblog every year. Don’t worry, there are photos and here they are:

It’s become a tradition for our kids and grandkids to come to Tucson every summer for our neighborhood parade, itself […]


Sunday Bag o’ Solitude

Solitude? Technically, not even close … there are five of us in this house, if you count two dogs and one cat … but that’s what it feels like. The last of our summertime guests left yesterday and there are no more on the schedule. There’s an echo in the house. I’m not sure if […]


Air-Minded: Restoration

After a meeting at the Pima Air & Space Museum yesterday I introduced myself to the leader of the restoration team and asked if I could take a quick tour of his work area, normally off-limits to all but the volunteer staff who work there. He said sure, and even gave me a lift to […]


Monday Bag o’ Leftovers

We sent our Thanksgiving guests on their way with full bags and plastic containers, but we still have leftovers. Donna always says I don’t eat leftovers, but that’s not true. I do eat leftovers, especially pie, and I made sure we saved some for ourselves!

I’m doing catch-up blogging this morning … i.e., leftovers … […]