Sunday Bag o’ Solitude

bag of solitudeSolitude? Technically, not even close … there are five of us in this house, if you count two dogs and one cat … but that’s what it feels like. The last of our summertime guests left yesterday and there are no more on the schedule. There’s an echo in the house. I’m not sure if I like that or not.

Our grandson Quentin came down for his annual visit on Father’s Day, the 16th of June. While he was here we hosted a couple of pool parties for him and some kids he knows from previous visits. Donna got him hooked up with a kids’ swim team and took him there every morning from 7 to 9. I took him to the air museum a couple of times, and we went geocaching once. His parents drove down from Las Vegas Monday last. Tuesday, an old hashing friend and his wife crashed for the night on their way from San Diego to San Antonio. Polly spent a couple of nights here as well, and then her boyfriend drove in for a couple of days. We all (visiting hasher excepted, since they’d already driven on) participated in the neighborhood 4th of July festivities. Oh, I almost forgot the extra dog … Buc was here for a week too, big & loud enough to count as another human visitor.

Polly and her boyfriend left Friday. Greg, Beth, Quentin, and Buc left Saturday morning. Our two dachshunds are always excited to have company, and they got along great with Buc, but I think they’re relieved to have their quiet house back. I know our old cat is … she spent all week hiding in our bedroom closet. Donna and I are at loose ends, though. What now? It’s too quiet.

While Quentin was here, but before the rest of our guests arrived, I wrote one of my banned book posts for this blog. I was thrilled to see Avedon Carol link to it a couple of days ago. In the deck of bloggers, Avedon is a face card. Wow, she noticed little old me!

So, I’m back to blogging … I even put up a couple of recipes on my long-neglected cooking blog, Crouton’s Kitchen … and that’s not all: this morning I got up early and scouted trail for a bicycle hash I’m haring in two weeks.

Still, though, it’s quiet. Too quiet.

Here are a few photos:

2013-07-04 18.34.16
Polly, David, Greg, Beth, Donna

2013-07-06 07.22.33
Beth, Quentin, Greg (and Buc)

new pillow
Schatzi helping deflate pool toys

Scouting trail this morning

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