Orcs in Hats on Twitter

My stampede string came and I attached it to the new sun hat. It’s western, braided leather with silver tips, and pretty long. I’m trying to figure out the best way to wear it when it’s not snugged up under my chin on a windy day. Should I loop it over the brim with the […]


Tuesday Bag o’ Wrongness

Looking back at some of my older stuff, I found a gloomy post from September 2007 predicting we’d never leave Iraq, that it’d turn out to be another Korea with American troops on the ground forever and ever. I really believed this at the time. Actually I believed it right up until last week.

A […]


You Want Fries with That?

President Obama’s going to deliver a speech about jobs tonight. I’m done with speeches and probably won’t watch. Obama’s not getting anything through this congress, so what’s the point? Given his past behavior, I think he’s going to make a rousing speech, then cave to the Republicans and give away the store. The only […]