You Want Fries with That?

President Obama’s going to deliver a speech about jobs tonight.  I’m done with speeches and probably won’t watch.  Obama’s not getting anything through this congress, so what’s the point?  Given his past behavior, I think he’s going to make a rousing speech, then cave to the Republicans and give away the store.  The only jobs on the horizon are the kind you’re forced to take when your unemployment runs out.  But that’s going to happen soon enough, so you should start practicing now.  Ready?  Say it with me: You want fries with that?

Speaking of fries, all our friends have been raving about Five Guys, which has finally come to Tucson.  They did the same thing about In-N-Out when it first came here.  I went by Five Guys a couple of days ago and ordered a bacon cheeseburger, which was six bucks and change.  Also a small order of fries and a small iced tea.  The check was over twelve bucks, which is a staggering amount for a burger and fries.

I must say, though, Five Guys lays on the fries.  The bag in the photo?  There was a burger at the bottom, but the rest of the bag was filled with fries.  I ate a few and brought the rest of the bag home to share with Donna and Polly.  The burger?  Eh, just a burger, which is kind of how I feel about In-N-Out too.  Maybe I’ve outgrown burgers.  I’d rather have a good deli sandwich.

I watched some of the Republican presidential candidates’ debate last night and caught the part where the audience erupted in cheers when Rick Perry was asked about executions.  We the people love us some executions! Shit, that right there might take Perry all the way to the White House.  Pretty scary.

But hey, I’m all for executions, too.  I was delighted when Obama sent in the SEALs to execute bin Laden.  I pray Adam Sandler will be put to death by lethal injection, and soon.  Oh, yeah, I have a long list.

We’ve been dogsitting for friends.  You know what they say: if one dachshund’s fun, two are a heart attack.  I’ve enjoyed having Tink around, and I think Schatzi has too, but it’s time for her to go back to her family.  We’re out of pillows.

Our guest, Tink, enjoys some playtime

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