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Tuesday Trip Planning Report

I’m starting to get excited about the next motorcycle trip, a five-day ride from Tucson to the Four Corners region and back. Once again I’m riding with my friend Ed: we’ll leave Thursday, August 29th and return on Monday, September 2nd.

Our plan is to ride 500 miles Thursday, taking back roads to Farmington, New […]


Friday Bag o’ Catch-Up

Neglecting the blog? Guilty. I must do better.

Clearly, not much has been happening. My cold is finally gone, as well it should be in 105°F heat. I’m back to the normal swing of things: leading tours at the air museum once a week, riding the bicycle on Saturday mornings, hitting Anytime Fitness two or […]


Bridge over Troubled Waters

I’m happier this morning than I’ve been in nearly two weeks. My cold is finally on the run. I’ve been off the non-prescription meds for two days now, Kleenex consumption is dropping to pre-cold levels, and after days of drinking hot tea with honey I’m craving coffee again. Whew! In the past I wouldn’t […]


But Who’s Counting?

I told Donna I’d cook tonight. What I have in mind is chicken satay, which I like to serve with a sweet & sour cucumber salad and frites. Since we had neither cucumber nor potatoes I stopped at Safeway.

Today’s veggies

Oh, I picked up some flowers for Donna, too, seeing as how it’s […]


Motorcycle Maintenance, Messy

Yesterday I decided to change the oil in the Ducati. All the work I did getting it ready to ride again, I never got around to replacing the oil and filter. It looked like an easy task, but it turns out there’s a trick to it.

I drain dirty oil into one of those squarish […]


My Not-So-Wild-One Motorcycling History (Updated)

Update (9/2/12): This is an older post, written in September 2008. I’ve updated it twice, once to replace some stock images with photos of the actual machines I owned, and again today to add the latest bike, the Ducati I’m fixing up for my daughter Polly.


Original post: Lately I haven’t written […]


Friday Cultie Bag

Just so we’re all on the same page again: cultie=cult bike=Ducati. That there is a Ducati bag I’m tempted to buy. It would go on the little rack in back. Of course I’d need a magnetic tank bag as well. Oh, wait. The cultie’s going to be Polly’s ride, not mine. Time to stop thinking […]


Mystery Cult Pin

Mystery pin

The pin (left) came on the Cultie’s keychain. I’m trying to figure out whether it’s Ducati-related or if I can throw it away. It reminds me of the pin I use to release the slide on my 9mm pistol when I want to clean it. Any Ducati experts out there? I tried […]