Friday Bag o’ Catch-Up

ketchup bagNeglecting the blog? Guilty. I must do better.

Clearly, not much has been happening. My cold is finally gone, as well it should be in 105°F heat. I’m back to the normal swing of things: leading tours at the air museum once a week, riding the bicycle on Saturday mornings, hitting Anytime Fitness two or three mornings a week, reading like crazy, catching up with Breaking Bad.

Which, apparently, I have. Caught up with Breaking Bad, that would be. Don’t know where I got the idea, but I thought there were five or six seasons out there and suddenly I came to the end of season four and that was it. Apparently there’s a season five, some episodes already shot, but it won’t air until August. Well, hell, now what? I tried True Blood and thought the speeded-up segments of fast-moving vampires were cartoonishly silly. American Horror Story doesn’t grab me. The bikers on Sons of Anarchy are too pretty to be believable (though I do love Peg Bundy as the biker mama). I want more Firefly (and who doesn’t?), but I’ll burn out on it if I watch the old episodes on Netflix too many times.

Update: friends on Facebook tell me there was a fifth season of Breaking Bad, and that it’s the sixth season that will air in August. I guess the season five episodes are not yet available for free on streaming TV.

Apart from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert there’s nothing on TV I care to watch, and I’m getting tired of them. Yeah, it’s fun to ridicule morally bankrupt institutions and leaders, but after a while it dawns on you that Jon and Stephen are part of the system. They make us snicker when we should be angry. We sit on our asses and chuckle at the antics of the politicians they lampoon when what we should be doing is taking to the streets. Do you honestly think either of those guys would be on TV if they actually roused the rabble?

Something about this Snowden whistleblower guy isn’t sitting right with me. In my USAF days I had top secret and sensitive compartmented information clearances. The background checks took forever, and even when the clearances came through, getting “read in” on anything was a huge deal. You had to be fairly senior, a major or the equivalent civil service level, before you started getting read in on the SCI stuff. Being mature and seasoned, having a proven track record … that was part of the deal. So how did this young guy (and Private Bradley Manning too, for that matter) get all that access? Where’s Snowden’s track record? Other than a self-taught facility with computers and IT systems, he doesn’t have any track record at all. There’s something else going on here.

2013-06-09 12.44.45
Polly helping fix the Ducati in my friend’s shop

Polly is reunited with her Ducati after promising me she’ll take better care of it and always wear her helmet and ride straight. I wanted to sell the bike and give her Donna’s old Lincoln in trade, but that would have required buying Donna another car. Donna wants a new kitchen. Since I can’t buy a car, I’ll have to trust Polly, and that’s the long and the short of it.

Donna’s at a sewing retreat this week, staying in a local hotel with other members of the American Sewing Guild. They do projects all day and party at night. I’m invited over tonight for a lasagna dinner. While I’ve been home alone I’ve been watching my Christmas blu-ray set of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. In Swedish. The DVDs have an optional English soundtrack, but not only would that be wrong, I’d have missed the joy of listening to the characters pronounce the name of Lisbeth’s rapist, Bjurman, which comes out as “be-yoour-man,” a mouthful in any language.

Our grandson Quentin is coming to visit. He flies in Sunday and will stay through the 4th of July, when his parents will drive down from Las Vegas to claim him. One of my projects for today is to pump up the tires of his Tucson bicycle.

And that’s it. All caught up.

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