Friday Bag o’ Contrariness

One thing I’m certain of, though, is that John McCain thinks of himself as a man of honor. He absolutely was during his imprisonment, say what you will about his later political career, and I honor him for it. It must sicken him to be disrespected by a shitweasel draft-dodging blowhard like Donald Trump. If I were him, I’d sabotage Trump at every opportunity, and I kind of suspect that’s what he’s doing with the time he has left. […]


21st Century Hardships, Part the Fourth

The baseboards are in. The wall unit and Murphy bed go back in this afternoon, and with that we’re done with contractors. We did the painting but they did the heavy work. Because the walls and carpet had been damaged by an air conditioner leak, our homeowners insurance covered a lot of the work.



You Can’t Read That!

You Can’t Read That! is a periodic post featuring banned book reviews and news roundups.

Every year, during the lead-up to Banned Books Week, my newsfeed floods with stories of library read-ins, exhibits, and scavenger hunts for banned books. The normal flow of stories about actual book bannings, parental challenges to books, and censorship […]


21st Century Hardships, Part the Third

We’ve finished painting the walls of our home office, one of two repurposed bedrooms (the other is Donna’s sewing & embroidery workshop). Donna’s going to sand and repaint the baseboards, which the flooring guys will reinstall when they come. I guess the last thing will be the reinstallation of the wall unit and Murphy bed. […]


The Woodford Automobile Museum: a Pictorial Guide

A while back, people on Facebook were filling out the “Five Cars I’ve Had” survey. I started to fill it out too, but quickly gave up. It was for young drivers, not those of us who’ve been around for a while. It couldn’t come close to conveying our automotive history: Donna and I have owned […]


21st Century Hardships, Cont.

Yesterday, two guys from Off the Wall disassembled and removed the wall unit & Murphy bed we had in the office. That’s it, along with other office stuff, sitting in our living room. Another guy is here now, repairing water-damaged parts of the office wall. Later today they’re taking out the carpet and pad. […]


21st Century Hardships

We’re clearing out the home office prior to repainting and reflooring it. Besides my desk, there’s an L-shaped wall unit consisting of desk, shelves, file drawers, and the Murphy bed we use for overflow guests. It needs to come out, but we don’t have to do it … our insurance is paying a contractor to […]


Air-Minded: F-15 Pilot Reveals All

Here’s a project I’ve been working on the past few days, an interview with aviation blogger Joe Coles, publisher of Hush Kit, “the alternative aviation magazine.”

Joe ran across one of my Air-Minded blog posts and contacted me. I agreed to answer interview questions via email. Happily, his questions were well-informed and provocative, not the […]