Air-Minded: F-15 Pilot Reveals All

Here’s a project I’ve been working on the past few days, an interview with aviation blogger Joe Coles, publisher of Hush Kit, “the alternative aviation magazine.”

Joe ran across one of my Air-Minded blog posts and contacted me. I agreed to answer interview questions via email. Happily, his questions were well-informed and provocative, not the sort of gee-whiz fan-boy twaddle you see on other aviation sites. Joe gave me a workout, forcing me to check sources and do additional research on my own, if only to make sure I was giving him the straight dope.

I’m working on a memoir, parts of which will cover my USAF career and experiences in the Eagle, so this was no creative giveaway on my part. It was good practice for the memoir: it helped me organize my thoughts, identify good stories I might otherwise have forgotten to include, and get half-forgotten details straight. When I publish my memoir (and if, kind reader, you buy it), you’ll see some of this again!

Some of the photos in the interview are ones I sent him, some are of Mr. Cole’s choosing. The title makes me squirm and the layout is splashy and journalistic, but you know what? I can learn from that … I’m sure I’d have a larger following if my own blog was more eye-catching.

Overall I’m very happy with our collaboration, and I think you’ll enjoy reading what this Cold War Eagle Pilot has to say about flying the F-15 during its heyday. Click here to read the interview on the Hush Kit site, or click on the graphic below:

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 12.29.56 PM
Click to link to the Hush Kit interview

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