Nobody Asked Me

. . . but here’s what bothers me when Rush & GWB use phrases like “the Democrat Party” or “the Democrat candidate.”

My friend Sue, an intelligent, cultured, well-traveled woman, doesn’t like the word “Jew.” She knows the word in and of itself is benign and neutral, like “Jewish” or “Christian,” but she doesn’t like […]


Air-Minded: On a Boom and a Prayer

Here’s a war story for a Sunday afternoon.

It’s about an aerial SNAFU* I was involved in one day while leading a four-ship of F-15s in Alaska. An F-16 squadron from the Lower 48 was visiting Elmendorf Air Force Base, flying dissimilar air combat training with our squadron. It was a beautiful but cold winter […]


Not to Get All Lowbrow on You or Anything

. . . but have you seen this commercial yet?

Jesus. I remember how shocked Donna and I were when we saw our first Ultra Brite commercial . . . remember the toothpaste that gave your mouth “sex appeal”? That was in the late 60s or early 70s, back when you couldn’t say the […]



Some time ago, on my other blog, I expounded on “internet” versus “Internet.” This is what I said:

Yeah, I know we’re supposed to capitalize “internet.” Some people even capitalize “web.” I won’t do it. Is internet capitalized because it’s relatively new? What about telegraph, telephone, and television? Did they capitalize those words when they […]


Letter from a Plank Owner

After my father died, I said I’d write more about him. My Uncle Lindley unearthed a letter Dad wrote to me in 1992, describing the ship he was assigned to at the end of World War II, when he was a sailor in the US Navy.

Here are some excerpts from Dad’s letter:

ARS-38 […]


Big Brother is Slipping

Everybody’s seen Easy Rider, right?

So Donna and I were flipping through channels the other night, and we caught the last half hour of Easy Rider on American Movie Classics. Something struck me as really odd, and I’m wondering if anyone else saw the same thing.

There’s Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and the two prostitutes […]


A Fool for Memes

. . . sorry, couldn’t help myself!


Air-Minded: The Warrior Ethic

My friend Dick Herman, in a comment to an earlier entry, asked for my thoughts on the warrior ethic.

For a few years, back when my career was on fire, I was on the staff of a joint command, working with Army, Navy, and Marine officers. Army and Marine officers could philosophize about the warrior […]