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Monday Bag of Fetishes

Everybody has fetishes. Me too. Not stilettos, despite the graphic (hey, you try searching for “bag of fetish” and see how many options Google Images gives you), but one fetish I’ll admit to is aircraft engines, especially the round reciprocating kind. I find them irresistibly sexy.

Aviators who’ve flown behind radials and had to wipe [...]


Cops Open Fire On Bronx Driver Who Failed To Yield To Pedestrian

That’s one of the headlines on today’s Gothamist, an online news aggregator for the New York City area:

Gothamist is better known for linking to news articles that suggest the opposite: they run story after story of NYC cops and courts letting drivers go after they’ve maimed or killed pedestrians and bicyclists. [...]


Thursday Bag o’ Slack

Not sure whether we’re in the storm or the calm before. I knew January was going to be a busy month: friends and family are scheduled to visit nearly every week and I’m working double shifts at the air museum. There are three Hash House Harrier club events in January, plus a book club meeting. [...]


My War on Xmas

We’re getting a new DSLR camera for Xmas, an expensive gift that’s really for me. I have several small gifts for Donna but nothing approaching the camera in value, and even though I tell myself it’s the thought that matters, not the cost of the gift, the lack of balance has been bothering me.

Two [...]


Global Replace

I plead guilty to blogging too much about my upcoming F-15 presentation at the air museum. You’re surely tired of reading about it. The presentation is this Saturday. I’ll tell you how it went in a blog post afterward, and that’ll be the end of it.

Yesterday, though, as I made a final run-through at [...]


Thursday Bag o’ Sea Change

Last night, Rachel Maddow played an audio tape from yesterday’s Supreme Court hearings on the Defense of Marriage Act. On the tape, Chief Justice Roberts and an attorney advocating for marriage equality argued over the reason behind the “sea change” in the American public’s attitude toward same-sex marriage. Roberts thought the increasing social acceptance of [...]


Lunatics and Retards

Yesterday, Congress voted to eliminate the word “lunatic” from federal laws and regulations dealing with mental health. The lone dissenter was this guy here, Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Imbecile).

Personally I don’t have a problem with the word. I probably wouldn’t use it around an actual lunatic, but hell, we all know what it means and [...]


Lamestream Thinking

I was noshing on a dumpling at my favorite cheap Chinese buffet yesterday when I heard a woman’s voice saying “that’s what you’ll hear on the lamestream media.”

I looked up, expecting to see Sarah and Rush sitting at the next table. No such luck. It was just some normal, totally-not-famous middle-aged Tucson lady sharing [...]