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Thursday Bag o’ Dorian Gray

I really really do not want my next presidential choice to be Hillary Clinton, but now I feel I have to defend her by voting for her. God damn you Karl Rove! […]


I Hate to Complain, But … (Updated)

Streaming video rant follows.

A little over a year ago we invested in a Roku box. We upgraded our in-house wireless network and signed up for increased download rates from Comcast, our high-speed internet service provider. And we subscribed to two streaming services, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Over the past year Amazon Prime streaming has […]


Thursday Bag o’ Boob Tubery

“You know the good cop/bad cop routine in every police procedural ever? Now imagine Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly as the cops.” […]


Wednesday Bag o’ Black Eyes

Yes, those are black-eyed peas on today’s bag. Lame, but I’m not feeling especially clever this morning. I woke up with a swollen black eye, fallout from Monday’s removal of a basal cell skin cancer from my forehead. They said it might swell, and boy did it. I’ll post a photo below … I don’t […]


You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

Shit happens. Life happens. You know nothing, Jon Snow. […]


Tuesday Bag o’ Knees

Proving once again that you can find anything with Google image search, here is a literal bag o’ knees.

So what shall we blog about today? Knees, maybe? Yes, knees. I spent the weekend doing normal things: normal as in the kinds of things people with normal knees do. Walking and riding my motorcycle, mostly. […]


Wednesday Bag o’ Solitude

Well, doesn’t that sound self-serving and dramatic! It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. Donna left this morning for a five-day sewing expo in Puyallup, Washington. Her greatest concern, leading up to this long-planned trip, was that I’d be okay by myself for a few days. Since my recovery is going so well, I […]


Waiting for the Blizzard

We’re supposed to be in the middle of a blizzard. In actuality, it’s merely chilly and gray. It sprinkled here an hour ago and looks to sprinkle again soon. Nothing I’d call a blizzard, but that’s Arizona for you: a cloud is an overcast; a sprinkle a monsoon; gusty winds a hurricane; snow above 6,000 […]