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Air-Minded: PASM Photoblogging

It’s time I posted more photos from the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. As a volunteer tour guide, I’m sometimes able to visit parts of the museum visitors don’t get to see. There’s always something interesting hidden away.

These two Japanese Kamikaze planes, for example. Until recently only the fuselages have been [...]


Air-Minded: a Shooting Star Photoblog

The American military’s T-Birds are all long retired, but many countries around the world still fly them. They may not be glamorous or fast, but they played an important role in the early jet age, and I write this post in tribute. [...]


Air-Minded: Douglas F3D Skyknight

There’s a Skyknight on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, where I work as a volunteer tour guide. It catches my eye every time I walk past it, maybe because it’s so different. I decided to take some photos, do some research, and write about what I learned. Turns out [...]


Local Color: Catalina Honor Camp

“Remember the couple from England who were here last month? I took them on a hike to the ruins of the Japanese internment camp on Mount Lemmon.”

“There was a Japanese internment camp on Mount Lemmon?”

That’s how the conversation went, me being the dummy who didn’t know about the camp. I’ve lived at the [...]


Armistice Day & Old Letters

In past Armistice Day blog posts I’ve quoted some of Dad’s WWII letters from the Pacific Theater, where he was a gunner aboard an oiler, a minesweeper, and an auxiliary repair ship. Looking back through these documents, which I have saved on a computer file, I came across a letter I sent my father in 1995, when I was posted to Nellis AFB, Nevada to help run the Nevada Test & Training Range. [...]


Air-Minded: Thundercraft (2 Updates)

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see two updates added on 10/29/13 and 10/30/13.

I originally planned to put irony quotes around the word Thundercraft, since no USAF pilot I know would be caught dead using the term. But what the hell, it was Republic’s collective name for the fighter-bombers they designed and [...]


Air-Minded: Museum Updates

Yesterday was my day to volunteer at the Pima Air & Space Museum, where I lead back-to-back walking tours at 10:30 and 11:30 AM every Wednesday. There were no takers for the 10:30 tour, so I used my unexpected free hour to walk around the grounds taking photos of new exhibits.

Aerial navigation light [...]


Air-Minded: Gunship Photoblogging

The Pima Air & Space Museum restoration team rolled out our Mil Mi-24 Hind gunship earlier this week. I mentioned this helicopter in an earlier post, after seeing it partially disassembled in the restoration hangar. I was particularly struck by the robust transmission, which would not look out of place in a battleship’s engine room. [...]