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Air-Minded: PASM Photoblogging

It’s time I posted more photos from the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. As a volunteer tour guide, I’m sometimes able to visit parts of the museum visitors don’t get to see. There’s always something interesting hidden away.

These two Japanese Kamikaze planes, for example. Until recently only the fuselages have been [...]


Air-Minded: a Shooting Star Photoblog

The American military’s T-Birds are all long retired, but many countries around the world still fly them. They may not be glamorous or fast, but they played an important role in the early jet age, and I write this post in tribute. [...]


Air-Minded: Lost

Nearly every new bit of information on MA370 has followed the same trajectory: first the leak, then the breathless media frenzy, then the denial, then the qualified “maybe.” [...]


Air-Minded: Douglas F3D Skyknight

There’s a Skyknight on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, where I work as a volunteer tour guide. It catches my eye every time I walk past it, maybe because it’s so different. I decided to take some photos, do some research, and write about what I learned. Turns out [...]


Friday Bag o’ Taco Fixin’s

Sometimes I feel I’m neglecting this blog, which is one of the reasons I’m posting about another mixed bag of subjects today. Why the taco theme? Well, that’s because tacos are the first item in today’s bag!

Everyone’s getting excited over aerial drone deliveries again, and I’m here to piss on the dream. Ever since [...]


Air-Minded: Davis-Monthan AFB Photoblogging

Once a year the Air Force conducts Heritage Flight practice sessions at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona. The purpose is to train private owners of WWII warbirds and current USAF fighter and attack aircraft pilots to fly formation together. During the rest of the year, pilots who have trained at Davis-Monthan fly at air shows [...]


Monday Bag of Fetishes

Everybody has fetishes. Me too. Not stilettos, despite the graphic (hey, you try searching for “bag of fetish” and see how many options Google Images gives you), but one fetish I’ll admit to is aircraft engines, especially the round reciprocating kind. I find them irresistibly sexy.

Aviators who’ve flown behind radials and had to wipe [...]


Thursday Bag o’ Slack

Not sure whether we’re in the storm or the calm before. I knew January was going to be a busy month: friends and family are scheduled to visit nearly every week and I’m working double shifts at the air museum. There are three Hash House Harrier club events in January, plus a book club meeting. [...]