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February 2015
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Catch-Up Bloggage

Donna’s Aunt Joyce is here. Locking myself in the home office to blog seems anti-social, but I do sit down at the computer a couple of times a day to check email, and while I’m here I’ve managed to do a little blog housekeeping: cleaning up the sidebars, fixing broken links, stuff like that.

Donna […]


Spam & Snipers (w/Updates)

Romney has binders full of women; I have folders full of spam! […]


God Bless Us Every One (Spammers Too)

I wasn’t thinking about comment spam when I started blogging, but comment spam was thinking about me. After the second time I was up past midnight deleting comment spam, I clamped down by requiring users to register and log in before posting comments. That eliminated comment spam, but it also came close to eliminating real […]


Light Bloggage Mode

Donna and I are driving to Las Vegas tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with our son Gregory and daughter in law Beth. And our grandson Quentin, of course. Not sure whether or not our granddaughter Taylor will fly down from Seattle; guess we’ll find out soon enough. Our daughter Polly and her boyfriend Hank should be […]


Comments Are Open (Again)

Dear Paul’s Thing Readers,

Comments are open again, which means you can weigh in on posts here at Paul’s Thing without having to register and log in.

I started requiring commenters to register and log in a few years ago after comment spammers discovered this blog. That got rid of the spammers, but it discouraged […]


Site Improvement: Air-Minded Article Index

At the suggestion of a new reader, I’ve added an index of Air-Minded posts. It seems a lot of you come here just to read those posts, and this’ll make it easier to find them.

The index is on the right sidebar, just below the “About” section. Clicking on the little F-15 image takes you […]



I apologize for the Paul’s Thing blackout yesterday. It was a bandwidth issue. Monday and Tuesday, there was a huge spike in bandwidth usage and went down. I traced the problem to one of my other blogs, where there’s a large downloadable file someone or something was downloading over and over. Not sure if […]


Minion of the Great Orange Satan

I decided to become a Daily Kos diarist (or, as my conservative friends will say, a minion of the Great Orange Satan). I started with a diary entry about the confiscation and banning of books in the Tucson Unified School District, put together from two recent posts here on Paul’s Thing (here and here).