Wednesday Updates

We’re down in the dumps because Mister B, our senior citizen dachshund, hasn’t eaten in twenty-four hours. He threw everything up night before last and hasn’t eaten since, though he is drinking water. Donna wants to rush him to the animal hospital; me, thinking of the inevitable thousand-dollar bill we really can’t afford right now, wants to watch and wait.

I messed with the cooking blog two days ago and broke it, introducing a fatal error into a line of code while updating a WordPress plugin (WTF, WordPress, how is that even possible?). My friend Scott, who owns the server my blogs are hosted on, got it back up & running.

Sometimes I think world-shaking changes come down to the actions of strong-willed individuals (re: Mao, Hitler, Gorbachev); sometimes I think events herd the world in certain directions and the big changes would have happened anyway. Would the nations of the former Warsaw Pact have regained their freedom and independence if Gorbachev hadn’t come to power in the Soviet Union? I don’t know, but I’m inclined to think they’d have had to wait a bit longer.

That’s all I’ve got today. Going to go worry over my dog. I think I hear Donna at the other end of the house talking to the vet on the phone, so you know who’s going to prevail on that decision.

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