They Ask, I Answer

A couple of other examples from my own experience: I was born in southeast Missouri, where horses are harses, and lived for a year in northeast Montana, where the towns of Havre and Chateau are Haver and Shotto. […]


Sunday Bag o’ Minimums

Isn’t it about time we impose visibility and braking action limits on drivers? Or at a minimum, on drivers of large commercial vehicles? […]


Paranoia Strikes Deep

If that’s their plan, I wish them luck. Have they even heard of email and social media? […]


Safety Sam & His Wheelchair Tram

My experiences driving disabled vets for the VA came rushing back. I’d done literally everything wrong, and that was what had been bugging me earlier. […]


A Night in the Fever Swamp (Updated & Clarified)

Rather than roll over and accept that some of our fellow humans, equipped with brains at least biologically similar to yours and mine, can smell smoke and think it means there’s an iceberg nearby, or listen to Trump’s third-grade schoolyard taunts and hear a fourth-dimensional chess master at work, I trust my own powers of observation. […]


Coming Out

This is a sad story:

My first reaction, which I shared on Facebook and Twitter, was this:

Nine-year-old boys come out? Since when? Something is off here.

I admit, the old man inside me wanted to yell at the clouds and say kids that young can’t possibly know they’re gay, but something told me […]


Watching TV with My Back to It

Since the election, the wall monitors at my local Anytime Fitness are set to Fox News. It’s like North Korea, where there’s just the one channel. […]


Sunday Update

I’m going to put a few freeway miles on the new truck this morning. The one-year-old but new-to-us truck, that is. The original tires didn’t have a lot of tread left so we had new ones put on. Before the new tires, the alignment seemed off: there was a very slight pull to the right. […]