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    Ditalini’s Goulash

    This is the Czech version of goulash, as served at the Tábor Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, modified by Ditalini.  Traditionally it is served with dumplings, which I’ll include in the recipe, but we serve it with pasta, as shown.  The…

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    Chili à la David Rainier

    This, over the past few years, has become my go-to chili recipe. It’s not the kind of chili that’ll win a Texas-style cookoff, but it’s homey, rich, and satisfying. —Crouton The Cannolis, Ditalini’s sister Gina and her husband Lengua, visited…

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    Crouton’s Beef & Guinness Stew

    We had the richest, beefiest stew at a friend’s home last winter. She told me it was beef & Guinness stew and that I’d find the recipe on line. I pulled a big chuck roast out of the freezer the other…

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    Caldo de Birria

    I discovered this stew at a Mexican restaurant in Tucson. So far I’ve found only one other local restaurant serving it. I’m told it’s street food, highly regarded as a hangover cure. What impressed me was its rich beefiness, reminding me a…

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    Ditalini’s Oxtail Soup

    When I was a kid, living in Germany with my USAF family, one of my favorite dishes was ochsenschwanzsuppe — oxtail soup, a thick and flavorful beefy broth. In later years, married and living in the USA, I’d sometimes pick up a…

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    Green Chile Beef Stew

    I tasted this green chile beef stew at my friend Gusti Come Pollo’s house. It was so good I chained myself to the front porch and refused to leave until she shared the recipe. Yesterday I finally got around to…