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Occasionally readers ask me about the names on this blog.  Crouton.  Ditalini.  Escargot.  A bit of explanation is in order.

When I started this blog I decided to use a nom de plume.  My wife, who contributes many of the recipes here and inspires almost everything I come up with on my own, got one too.  I’m Crouton, she’s Ditalini.  Pretty soon our kids, who help with the cooking when they visit, needed names too.  And our grandkids.  And our dog.  And the friends who visit our table and appear on the blog. In Crouton’s Kitchen, everyone has a name.

Why?  Why not?

So now there’s a list of family and friends for you to consult.  There’s a link at the top of the page, under About; there’s another link on the right sidebar under my photo.

I’d close by wishing you bon appétit, but we might need to repurpose it as a Crouton’s Kitchen name some day!


Amateur cook and barbecue fanatic.

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