Family & Friends

Occasionally readers ask me about the names on this blog. A bit of explanation is in order.

When I started Crouton’s Kitchen I decided, in the manner of early bloggers, to use noms de plume. I’m Crouton de Menthe, my wife (the real cook) is Ditalini. In Crouton’s Kitchen, everyone has a nom de plume.

Here’s a Who’s Who of family & friends you’ll meet in Crouton’s Kitchen:

The deMenthe Family

  • Crouton deMenthe (moi)
  • Ditalini deMenthe (wife, maiden name della Fagioli)
  • Escargot deMenthe (daughter)
  • Baguette deMenthe (son)
  • Truffle deMenthe (daughter in law)
  • Biscotto deMenthe (grandaughter)
  • Pesce deMenthe (grandson)
  • Radicchio della Fagioli (Ditalini’s aunt)
  • Chateaubriand deMenthe (Crouton’s father)
  • Shinken deMenthe (beloved dachshund)
  • Ubriaco deMenthe (auxiliary dachshund)
  • Mortadella deMenthe (beloved dachshund, RIP)
  • Peolso deMenthe (horrible but beloved old cat, RIP)

Friends of the Blog & Recipe Contributors

  • Soufflé al Dente
  • Fagiolo al Dente
  • Gina Cannoli
  • Lengua Cannoli
  • Bock Wurst
  • Poulet en Crote
  • Calamari en Crote
  • Osso Bucco (RIP)
  • Pomme Frites
  • Fritzie Frites
  • Moules Frites
  • Remoulade Sausee
  • Guido Trattoria
  • Sophia Trattoria
  • Pomodoro Calde
  • Bangers N. Mash
  • Tex “Mex” Mash
  • Grissini Asperagi
  • Gusti Come Pollo
  • Magret de Canard
  • Tiburón Ceviche
  • Camarón Ceviche
  • Manzo Spezzatino
  • Anitra Spezzatino
  • Houskový Knedlík
  • Manzo Bistecca
  • Legume Burgoo
  • Lambchop Burgoo
  • Recto Alpaso
  • Manière d’un Chien
  • Giacomo “Hercules” Mandriano
  • Giuseppe “Pastoso” Mandriano
  • Hermana Gazpacho