• Stews

    Crouton’s Beef & Guinness Stew

    We had the richest, beefiest stew at a friend’s home last winter. She told me it was beef & Guinness stew and that I’d find the recipe on line. I pulled a big chuck roast out of the freezer the other…

  • Appetizers,  Soups

    Ditalini’s Gazpacho

    Ditalini’s adaptation of a recipe from a New York Times cookbook: Note: peeling & seeding tomatoes is big, messy work, and there are probably canned alternatives. Some people (Philistines, no doubt) may be tempted to substitute tomato juice.

  • Cooking Club

    Tenth Rule of Cooking Club

    Less is more. When we planned our August culinary trail, we decided on salad Niçoise and cold soups, appropriate to a hot summer in the Southwest (gazpacho, Vichyssoise, cold ramen, and so on). The menu evolved as the date approached,…

  • Miscellaneous,  Vegetables

    Ditalini’s Chiles Rellenos

    Ditalini and I recently joined a produce co-op.  Every Saturday we pick up two good-sized baskets of seasonal vegetables and fruit.  This Saturday we found eight big green chiles mixed in with our haul, and Ditalini decided to make chiles…

  • Soups

    Crouton’s Easy Split Pea Soup

    Relatively easy, that is!  You can prepare it in the morning or early afternoon, then reheat and serve for dinner.  Actual kitchen prep time is about half an hour; cooking time is less than two hours. Note Packages of dried…

  • Cookblogging,  Salads

    Crouton’s Salade Niçoise

    Our State of the Union speech night dinner was a nice Niçoise, which is a really awful pun, since Niçoise basically means “Nice-style,” after the city on the French Riviera. I promise not to do it again. Ditalini and I…

  • Soups

    U.S. Senate Navy Bean Soup

    We’ve experimented with different navy bean soup recipes over the years; this time we’re trying an authentic-seeming Food Network recipe (I compared it to the actual U.S. Senate cafeteria recipe listed on Wikipedia and it’s a match in ingredients and relative…

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