Stanning in the Shade

Our old pool umbrella’s shot, so we ordered a new one. I use the umbrella to shade a section of the pool, moving it around as necessary (it swivels at the base). It’s the only way I can log pool time while staying out of the sun … well, except for swimming at night, the […]

Shades of Gray

It’s the week when, in folklore, nothing happens; the quiet peaceful interlude between Christmas and the new year. In actuality, the world keeps on turning: we’ve merely turned our attention inward, away from genocide, starvation, war, terrorism, slavery, mass shootings, corruption. We pretend it’s a season of tolerance and love, and maybe it is … […]

Love & Friendship in the Age of Trump

Well, doesn’t he seem nice? Strangely, a number of people think the man who tweeted this does seem nice, even when he’s grabbing women by the pussy or plotting with Vladimir Putin. More than 62 million of them, as a matter of fact. Some are friends. Some are family. What to do? I once ended a […]