Wednesday Bag o’ Tweets

I’ve always looked on Trump’s tweets as his way of blowing off steam, a window to a childish, vindictive soul. Maybe he’ll follow through on his threats once he’s president, maybe not. But a lot of prominent people, in and out of the media, take his tweets seriously.

Vigilance & Resistance

What now? Does anyone have a plan? Trump’s electoral vote victory reeks of GOP and Russian trickery. Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead is now approaching two and a half million. Efforts to start recounts, at least in a few states where vote tampering was most apparent, are underway. But if you’re hoping for a surprise electoral college reversal, you’re going to be […]


Early on Election Day, I got on my motorcycle and headed out on a six-day trip. I knew I’d hear no news until arriving at my first night’s destination, but was confident that by then Hillary Clinton would be on her way to a landslide victory, a blue Senate sweeping in with her. So here we are, one week later. […]