Our Dogs’ Very Bad No Good Awful Scary Morning

This morning we took our dogs to the veterinary clinic at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.*  Schatzi goes in every January for a checkup and shots as required.  We took Maxie too, so that both our girls will be on the same schedule from here on out. Of course we’ve cared for Schatzi since she was […]

The Best Present

Remember me telling you about the tangled history of Maxie, our newly-adopted dachshund?  We’ve been worried that Lauren, Lorrie’s daughter … and Maxie’s most recent owner … might want her puppy back some day, and no wonder … the dog is absolutely loveable, and who wouldn’t want her back? So yesterday we went to Christmas […]

Dogs Make Everything Better

We adopted a second dachshund yesterday. Her name is Maxie. We think she’s a year or so younger than Schatzi. The dog was originally a boyfriend’s pet.  Maxie (full name Maxine) wound up with the girlfriend, who is the daughter of our friend Lorri, moving from apartment to apartment (five in the last year alone), […]