Our girl Maxie died early this morning. We wish we could hug her back to life. Donna tried.

Maxie, April 2020

Maxie was part of our family for almost nine years. She came to us when our first dachshund, Schatzi, was six. We never knew Maxie’s age, but we and our vet figured her to be a year or two older than Schatzi, so she lived for fifteen or sixteen years … a long life. We think her years with us were happy ones.

2013-08-04 11.36.16
Maxie & Schatzi, Aug 2013

Now they’re both wherever good dogs go. We are so sad.

4 thoughts on “Maxie

  • Maxie’s loss will leave a big hole in your heart. So sorry for your loss.
    I bet there might be a new love dog in time…..

  • Thanks, Marlene. I know you lost Ringo not long ago. It really does leave a hole in your heart, and your life. Mister B is agitated and upset and we’re giving him lots of hugs. But we need some too!

    We waited more than a year after Schatzi died before even considering adopting another dog, who turned out to be Mister B, who made us whole again. It’ll probably be a while before we think about bringing another dachshund into the family. But I know we eventually will. I hope you too.

  • Sorry to hear this. It has been fun to read about the dogs’ antics. I know you turned Mr B’s life around and hope you have the opportunity to do the same for another dashhound for his/her and your sakes.

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