Thursday Bag o’ Geekery

Donna’s old Dell died this week, and last night we ordered a new MacBook Pro to replace it. Slowly but surely, Macs are edging out PCs around these parts. Four or even three years ago, if someone had told me we’d ever drink Steve Jobs’ Koolaid, I’d have scoffed. But then I got an iPad, […]

A Post w/Minimal Kardashian Content

I haven’t been keeping up with the news, what with company and road trips and the standard family competition for the TV at night, so yesterday, after our company left and things were quiet again, I called up Mediaite. Foolish me. The first ten entries all had to do with Herman Cain.  Like a prude […]

Birthday & Road Trip Photoblogging

It’s my birthday.  This one’s a millstone milestone: the big 65.  When I was a child, I looked up Halley’s Comet in the encyclopedia and figured out that I would be 40 when it came again in 1986 … unimaginably far in the future, and thinking of myself as a 40-year-old man was equally unimaginable […]