Steaks on the Barbie

Here are Pima Air and Space Museum’s F-15 Eagle and F-16 Viper. When I went in Monday they were missing from their regular places. Looking around, I spied them on the wash rack in front of the restoration hangar, drying in the sun after getting a good cleaning. By the time I go in next Monday, they’ll be back in their regular places, looking better than they ever did when they were flying the line.


Full disclosure: this isn’t my photo. I took an almost identical one, but from a greater distance with an iPhone zoomed to the max. Mine, needless to say, didn’t turn out this well. One of the museum staffers, John Bezosky, took this. Thanks, John!

Came home from Costco yesterday with a new iPhone and iPad, and some time next week will replace my current 21-inch iMac with a new 27-incher. The old iPhone went back to Verizon for a trade-in allowance. The old iPad went to our daughter Polly, and the old iMac will go to Donna, whose ancient desktop PC died a while back.

Setting up the new phone and tablet was quite the drill. The kids at the Verizon kiosk in Costco did most of the phone stuff for me, but not all of it, and I was totally on my own when it came to setting up the iPad. I’ll be on my own next week too, transferring data and files from one iMac to another, then setting the old one up the way Donna wants it … I anticipate the destruction of additional brain cells.

The new phone is pretty cool, and has a great camera. I hope you’ll notice an improvement in the quality of the photos I post here.

It’s Friday and we feel like celebrating. Steaks on the barbie!

Tomorrow I’m riding the motorcycle up to the top of Mount Lemmon. It’s a monthly outing for a little motorcycling group I started, but I haven’t heard from anyone and suspect I’ll be going by myself. I put a new GoPro mount on the side of my helmet and plan to record the ride.

Other than playing with the new toys, there isn’t a lot going on here. Donna’s sewing me a new patriotic shirt for the 4th of July. Pavers have been busy out front resealing our subdivision streets, and today is the last day. Our neighbors have been shuffling cars from their own driveways to neighbors’ driveways on the other side, and as I write our driveway is packed, but I prepositioned the truck earlier today so I could get out to buy steaks.

More soon!

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  • What’s the Pima Eagle’s tail number, Skid? It looks like 74-118, but not sure of the year. I flew a lot of -74 ‘cousins’ at Eglin – 74-103, 74-120, 74-123, 74-124, plus 74-104, 74-108, 74-114, 74-128 at Luke, but not -118. Was it an AK bird at one time?
    I also just replaced my 11-year old 21-inch iMac with the new 27-inch. You’ll love it, great speed, amazing screen.

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