Thursday Bag o’ Statuary

Ugh, relatives in the heartland. Again. I unfriend out & out racists when they reveal themselves on Facebook, unless they’re kin (I did unfriend a nephew, but it was over animal cruelty). In the wake of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson and the protests that followed, some of my relatives have started sharing white supremacist chain letters and […]

Missing Dog Found!

It’s warmer this morning, but the wind’s blowing like crazy.  Despite my lingering cold, I was going to hop on my mountain bike and scout out the Hash House Harrier trail I promised to set this Sunday, but I think I’ll put that adventure off until the gusts die down to tropical storm strength. When […]

Haboob (and Other Words You Can’t Say)

Hey look, I found a portrait of Grandpa Woodford, the first blogger! Gramps, I’m proud to follow in your footsteps.  And with that … It’s been amusing watching news personalities struggle with the story of Rick Perry’s hunting camp, the quaintly-named “Niggerhead.”  No one … save rival candidate Herman Cain … seemed willing to say […]