Photoblog: Barrett-Jackson 2015

Yesterday was my fourth pilgrimage to the Barrett-Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s always fun to see the old cars, but the scale of the event is so large it’s hard to take everything in, the crowds so dense it’s difficult to find a clear line of sight for photography. This first photo, taken outside on the midway […]

Car Show Photoblog

Every year in October I take my camera to the Tucson Classics Car Show at St Gregory’s Academy, a private college prep school in Tucson. I go early in the morning, when exhibitors are still arriving and parking on the grass, when crowds haven’t gotten out of hand, when it’s still cool. As you can see from this […]

A Day with the Car Nuts

Wednesday I passed my annual tour guide recertification at the air museum. An evaluator watched over my performance in front of a group of visitors and I somehow managed to squeak by. To celebrate, I spent Thursday in Scottsdale, Arizona. What’s in Scottsdale? The Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction, of course. This was my third Barrett-Jackson: […]

Another Sunday, Another Car Show

A friend and I rode our motorcycles down to Tubac yesterday for the annual Santa Cruz Valley Car Nuts Collector Car Show. As it does every year, the Tubac Golf Resort opens up its grounds for the show. If you ride down on a motorcycle you get to park on the grass right next to […]

Tubac Car Show

What, another gearhead post?  Sure, why the hell not? Every January the Santa Cruz Valley Car Nuts put on a car show at the golf course in Tubac, Arizona.  Classics, collector cars, muscle cars, sports cars, trucks, exotics … it’s a nice show, and I found it much easier to take in than the enormous […]

Car Mania (Updated)

Three years ago I visited the Barrett-Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I figured it’s been long enough, so yesterday I drove up again, this time with my friend Ed.  It was a long day: two-and-a-half-hours on the freeway going and coming; another four or five hours tramping around the tent city at Barrett-Jackson, ogling […]

Car Show

My friend Darrell gave me a free ticket and VIP parking pass to the annual Tucson Classics Car Show, so I spent a happy morning mooning over beautiful metal. Car shows and auctions these days are dominated by 1970s muscle cars (this one was no exception), but I’m interested in older, stock cars, the kind […]