Tubac Car Show

What, another gearhead post?  Sure, why the hell not?

Every January the Santa Cruz Valley Car Nuts put on a car show at the golf course in Tubac, Arizona.  Classics, collector cars, muscle cars, sports cars, trucks, exotics … it’s a nice show, and I found it much easier to take in than the enormous Barrett-Jackson auction I went to earlier this month.

I rode down on my motorcycle with a riding buddy and two more friends who took their car.  It’s too bad they didn’t ride — Doug and I were able to park on the fairway grass right next to the last row of show cars.  As soon as we put our kickstands down, people were asking us questions about our bikes, and it occurred to me the reason they let motorcycles park there is to add to the show.

But whatever their reason, it was a cool place to park, and we didn’t have to walk five feet to be in amongst the cars on display.  It was a gorgeous morning, and the best use for a golf course I can think of.

I took lots more photos, of course: my Flickr photoset is here.

p.s. I really should add a “gearhead” category, shouldn’t I?  Maybe I will.

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