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Every year in October I take my camera to the Tucson Classics Car Show at St Gregory’s Academy, a private college prep school in Tucson. I go early in the morning, when exhibitors are still arriving and parking on the grass, when crowds haven’t gotten out of hand, when it’s still cool.

IMG_0841 copy

As you can see from this overhead shot, there are always plenty of muscle cars on display. I don’t know, muscle cars don’t move me. After I’ve looked at one or two, they start to look the same. What catches my eye are antiques, old motorcycles, engines, the Bulgemobiles from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

I’ll post a few of my photos here. Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to the originals on Flickr. You can also go straight to my full Flickr gallery to see them all.

IMG_0861 copy
Straight eight

IMG_0848 copy
Indian Chief

IMG_0856 copy
’59 Chevy

IMG_0900 copy
Cadillac Series 355

IMG_0902 copy
Cadillac Series 355

IMG_0898 copy
’53 Kaiser Manhattan

IMG_0851 copy
1920s Indian Chief

IMG_0865 copy
’05 Franklin

IMG_0868 copy
’05 Franklin

IMG_0887 copy
Supercharged Graham

IMG_0886 copy
Supercharged Graham

IMG_0892 copy
’63 Thunderbird Landau

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