I was going to lead off with this article from Wonkette, then follow it with a satirical headline of my own:

Arizona GOP Announces Emancipation Day “Slave Auction” with Prize for Best Black-Face Costume

And then I read the original article, and of course the event isn’t being held “in memory of the Gabby Giffords shooting” at all.   It’s a Pima County GOP get-out-the-vote fundraiser.  Yes, they’re auctioning off a Glock pistol, and yes, they’re doing it in the same county where Jared Loughner used a Glock to kill six and wound fourteen back in January.  That, I guess, is enough for the wags at Wonkette.

I love the snarky reporting and commentary at Wonkette.  I despise what the Republican Party has become.  It would have been okay to point out the GOP’s crude insensitivity in planning to auction off a Glock pistol in Gabrielle Gifford’s congressional district, but to say the auction is being held “in memory of” the shootings is a step too far.  Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s a lie.  So far today, almost 24 hours later, Wonkette has not retracted it.

Still … this is a remarkably tone-deaf thing to do, even for racist teabagger trolls.  Probably local GOPers are patting each other on the back for thinking of it.  Assholes.  Why don’t they raffle off advertising space on the border fence instead?


A storm snuck up on us late last night.  I was reading in my recliner in the family room with two dogs curled up on the couch next to me (Shatzi, of course, and Tink, another miniature dachshund we’re dogsitting).  The storm announced itself with a stroke of lightning so bright I swear I could see the studs inside the walls and a crack of thunder so loud I was momentarily deafened — it must have hit within a house or two of us — and a few seconds later both the girls were in my lap.  This morning my wife and daughter were tearing the house apart looking for our old cat, Chewie — they found her hiding back behind some shoeboxes in a closet.

In celebration of Friday, I’m brining a chicken.  A little rotisserie action tonight?  Absolutely.  Might even give the dogs some.  Here’s wishing you a great weekend!

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One thought on “Glock and Load

  • Hey, the gun auction even hit the CNN news. Leaving me agog and aghast, as my sister would say.

    I have always loved thunderstorms and used to go out walking during them, while my sister crawled under the bed. Once, in Montreal, I experienced that kind of old-time, East Coast thunderstorm, which is a whole nother category altogether. The lightening was so bright I could see it through closed eyes. Sounds like yours was even closer. Wish I’d been there. But then I also love volcanos. On one Maui vacation, my girlfriend said, “I have points for two trips to the Big Island. What do you want to do? Go shopping in Hilo or go to the volcano?” My answer was, “Are you kidding? Is that even a question?” So we landed, rented a red Ford Mustang convertible (can you say, “Mustang Sally”?) and headed for the most continuously active volcano on the planet. When we got to the ranger station, with me storming the counter and sayiang, “Where can we see the lava?”, we learned that just a couple of weeks earlier, the most continuously active volcano on the planet had suddenly stopped and was no longer active. But, of course, as soon as I left it picked up again. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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