Monday Pack o’ Joe

Our granddaughter Taylor and her S.O. Jordan came to visit Saturday. They live and work in Phoenix, so it wasn’t a huge trip for them, but it meant a lot to us. You know I don’t set up the Fortress of Smoke™ unless it’s a gala event! Taylor and Jordan helped bring in the plastic bins of seasonal decorations from the garage, then helped Donna put them on display. After dinner — smoked ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob — we moved to the patio to carve pumpkins, and now we’re ready for October’s second national holiday, Hallowe’en.

What, you say Hallowe’en isn’t a national holiday? Well, it damn well should be!

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Mister B got into the goodie bag Donna packed for Taylor and Jordan, foolishly left unattended on the floor for all of a New York minute, so they drove home without most of the leftovers we meant to give them. Our bad boy had to spend the night in his doggie bed, lest he puke or shit in ours. At least that was my preventive intent … when I woke the next morning he was snuggled up against me, the beneficiary of Donna’s midnight mercy, and tell you what that dog must have an iron gut because he held it all in through the night.

I deactivated my Pinterest account this morning. Never could figure out what Pinterest is actually for, and every time I pinned something I’d find myself wondering why. Is all this leading up to cutting Facebook out of my life? We’ll see.

In another major life decision, I stirred artificial sweetener and half & half into my coffee this morning, and liked it. Donna’s freaking, because we’ve been strong black coffee drinkers as long as we’ve been together. Hey, I said, it’s not like I just came out or anything. I just want to quit pretending I like my daily cup o’ Joe and actually enjoy it for a change.

The media’s hounding Joe Biden to say whether, should he win, he’ll add justices to the Supreme Court to balance its lopsided ideological makeup. Biden won’t answer, and well he shouldn’t, because it’s a trap. Here’s how German Lopez, a Vox correspondent, describes it on Twitter:

Here are Biden’s choices on the court packing question: 1) He says yes to court packing, giving Republicans a way to rile up their base. 2) He says no, giving up political leverage. 3) He dodges, upsetting some reporters.

The Supreme Court’s 5-to-3 right-wing majority will become a 6-to-3 supermajority with the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, whose Senate confirmation hearings begin today. It’s a foregone conclusion McConnell’ll* ram the confirmation through and she’ll be on the bench before election day. All the more reason to vote and give Biden a more-than-decisive victory, so the Supreme Court can’t undo the people’s will.

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day, everyone!

*Be honest now, don’t you love that “McConnell’ll”?  I almost went with “Mitch’ll.”

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