It Burns

May was nice. June too. But now it’s July and scenes like this are fading memories. We’re in a prolonged heat wave. They say people in Phoenix are being hospitalized with second-degree burns (third-degree in some cases, per CNN) after collapsing on 180°F sidewalks. If it’s happening in Phoenix, it’s happening in Tucson. Walking the […]

Air-Minded: To Fly, Fight … and Twerk?

I was around in the boys’ club days of the Air Force, when NCO and officers’ clubs would bring in strippers, hard-working women who earned every dollar we stuffed in their G strings while fending off our drunken attempts to grope them. Nothing but respect. But those days are over.

Shoot ‘n’ Scoot

Phrases and brainworms stuck in my mind after skimming online news sites this morning: shooter on a scooter, half-Jewish Superman, how often should you poop. The last a question, not a recommendation. Comes to that, I think the answer is “when you have to.” And the scooter shooter? It must be near impossible to aim […]