Salad with Grilled Salmon

Ditalini came up with this great grilled salmon salad. She makes the salad and dressing; I grill the salmon.

Ingredients (Salad)

mixed salad greens red/yellow/green salad peppers, sliced red onion, sliced cherry tomatoes, whole green & black olives, pitted mozarella cheese

Ingredients (Salmon)

1 lb salmon filet 1 tbsp butter 3-4 tbsp honey chopped […]


Grilled Polenta, Italian Sausage, & Peppers

Yeah, I know, I’ve posted about these things before, here and here. But I felt like photoblogging last night’s dinner and, this time around, presenting it in recipe format. My method is to put the peppers on the grill first, since they take the longest to cook (about 15 minutes), then the sausage (about 5 […]


Memorial Day Barbecue at Dino’s

Photos from the Memorial Day barbecue we enjoyed at Cousin Dino’s house in Las Vegas the other day:

Dino at the smoker

Ditalini, Escargot, Rudy, Dino

Dino’s a wet rib guy who prepares his own secret sauce (hint: it incorporates a can of Coke). He smokes exclusively with mesquite. The ribs were brilliant, […]



Which stands for “To the grill . . . it’s Friday!” around maison deMenthe. Friday’s menu: grilled veggies, grilled zucchini & squash, grilled boneless ribeye steaks.

My old Coleman grill, ready for the scrapyard

I’ve described grilling veggies before, here. Last night I used small potatoes, chopped carrots, a quartered yellow onion, and peeled […]


A Night for Grilling

An old friend is down from Las Vegas for the weekend. We ate out Friday night and had a party Saturday night, so tonight, the last night of his visit, will be a quiet dinner at home. Ditalini’s making a salad and I’m grilling steaks and veggies. We also have a loaf of foccacia bread […]


A Birthday Dinner with Friends

In these recessionary times, sharing dinner at home with friends is becoming a larger part of our social life. If it’s a friend’s birthday, so much the better. Our buddy Rudy from Las Vegas came to visit this weekend; since his birthday is Monday we invited our posse over to celebrate.

Mary Anne, […]