An Unfashionable Position (Updated)

Over the past two days my sympathies with regard to Israel and Palestine, which were initially with the Gazans, have started moving back in a pro-Israel direction. I keep asking myself what my country would do in similar circumstances. I hate what’s happening, but I can’t bring myself to condemn Israel.

Moreover, some European pro-Palestine […]


Friday Bag o’ Lies

I was trying to write a long, intelligent post about how poorly served we are by the media, that giant echo chamber of misinformation and lies, but became too disheartened to go on. It’s all been said, and not enough of us seem to give a shit.

For example: the minimum wage has been […]


Saturday Bag o’ Heartbleed

Mark of the beast? Hail Satan, bring it on. […]


Thursday Bag o’ Dementia

Donna saw me putting on my air museum shirt and pants yesterday and wished me a good morning at the zoo. Thus it begins, the slide toward senile dementia. It’s not Donna I’m worried about, it’s me: after dozing off while reviewing my museum notes I woke up to discover I was on Wikipedia, boning […]


Idiocracy Now

My experience with new year’s resolutions has been generally unsatisfactory. With me … and with almost everyone I know … resolutions are prescriptions for self-induced stress, ultimate failure, and consequent depression. They suck.

That’s not to say I haven’t made deals with myself and stuck to them: I successfully quit smoking years ago and more […]