Tumbling Bill Panton, RIP (Updated 7/31/19)

Bill Panton, aka Tumbling Bill, passed earlier this week. […]


Halfmindistan SITREP

My forces have been engaged in Halfmindistan for 15 years, almost as long as my country has been in Afghanistan. It may seem inappropriate to use a military metaphor for blogging about the hash, but if feel as if I’m at war with my hashing blog these days, so here’s a SITREP to bring you up to date. […]


OTR Fini

Whenever we take a road trip, by motorcycle or car or airplane, I post OTR (on the road) updates to social media. When we return, the entry is “OTR fini.”

Donna and I, with our friend Mary Anne, drove to Las Vegas Tuesday for a departed friend’s memorial service, which was held on Wednesday. We […]


Get in the Kitchen and Make Me a Quilt

Donna’s sister Robin is here for a few days, and she’s helping Donna put my Hash House Harrier T-shirt quilt together. That’s Robin in the photo. All you can see of Donna is her hand.

Donna has made a few of these for friends in the hash, meanwhile saving some of my old shirts […]