Half-Mind: On On History Magazine

Our friend Shakesprick publishes an excellent Hash House Harrier history magazine. I frequently mentioned his work on the Half-Mind Weblog (RIP); it’s time to highlight it on Paul’s Thing as well, since many of my readers are hashers.

I’ve embedded a PDF of the latest edition of On On, the History Magazine of the Hash House Harriers. This issue contains an astounding bit of hash pre-history involving British expats in China, paper chases on horseback, and angry Chinese farmers. There’s also a fascinating look at the early days of hashing in the USA.

You can put yourself on the subscriber list for new issues by sending your own email address to Shakesprick at stockholmbob@gmail.com. There’s also a Facebook page full of fascinating information and discussions, as well as links to back issues of the magazine. And it’s all free, a labor of love by a hasher for fellow hashers.

On On, Shakesprick, and thanks from armchair hash historians everywhere!

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