Just Nice

I’ll take just nice, and be thankful for it. So should we all. […]


Sunday Bag o’ Updates

Halfway through my post-surgery physical therapy sessions at Tucson Orthopedic, and already starting an off-the-books PT regimen at Anytime Fitness. I dropped by this morning to spend half an hour on the stationary bicycle and some of the leg machines, the ones that help with bending and straightening my new knee. Getting over the top […]


Sunday Funday

Still covering my nose with pads and tape every morning, and no clear end in sight. The dermatologist now says the skin graft is taking, but all I see, when I expose it to change the dressing, is an unsightly mess. The tape, once an annoyance, is now a blessing, because I couldn’t go out […]


Mr. B

This is our newest family member, Mr. B, riding home with us yesterday.

Mr. B is a 9-year-old brindle dachshund. We think he’s a standard, somewhat on the smallish side but in any case considerably taller and longer than our mini, Maxie.

We were gutted when Schatzi died, but after a while started thinking […]



It’s extraordinarily difficult to write about Schatzi, to share our loss with others. To some degree, though, it’s my way of coping. […]


Dog Days (Updated: Good News)

On Saturday morning I went for a bicycle ride with friends. When I came home the dogs were fine and up to their usual mischief. I sat down at the computer to do some work, both of them on the floor at my feet. At some point they scampered off. When I came out of […]


Friday Bag o’ Whatever

I don’t know how long outdoor grills are supposed to last, but we’ve retired one charcoal kettle grill and one gas grill since moving into this house in 1998, and are some years into our second set. The charcoal grill, a Weber, is holding up well, but the gas grill, also a Weber, is giving […]


The Best Present

Remember me telling you about the tangled history of Maxie, our newly-adopted dachshund? We’ve been worried that Lauren, Lorrie’s daughter … and Maxie’s most recent owner … might want her puppy back some day, and no wonder … the dog is absolutely loveable, and who wouldn’t want her back?

Donna with Schatzi & Maxie, […]