Sunday Bag o’ Updates

Halfway through my post-surgery physical therapy sessions at Tucson Orthopedic, and already starting an off-the-books PT regimen at Anytime Fitness. I dropped by this morning to spend half an hour on the stationary bicycle and some of the leg machines, the ones that help with bending and straightening my new knee. Getting over the top of the pedal stroke on the stationary bike was painful at first, and I probably shouldn’t have started my exercise routine with it. Next time I’ll work up to it. It’s just that over the years I’ve learned that if you don’t grab the stationary bike when you first get there, some asshole will be camped out on it when you do want it … I sure wish they had more than one.

The hospital gym has wall-mount TVs, but they’re always set on a sports channel. Anytime Fitness has wall-mount TVs as well, but the remote’s out where anyone can use it, and all too often they’re set to Fox News. Assholes were scarce today: only one TV was on, and it was set to CNN. Not that CNN fans aren’t assholes too.

Anyway, it’s time to write. I owe a letter to a friend. I owe Paul’s Thing readers, friends too, a fresh post.

I’ll put in a full day at Pima Air & Space Museum tomorrow. There’s one way to get there from the east side of Tucson, and as of the middle of last week that way is blocked for road construction and will remain so for a year. Which means I have to loop around Davis-Monthan AFB and come in from the west, adding a few miles to the trip. Well, I can use a change of scenery on my commute, so that’s okay. There’s a new aircraft on display, a WWII-era P-40 Warhawk, and I hope to take some good photos of it between tram tours. If the timing works out (it rarely does), they’ll be towing the freshly-repainted F-100 from restoration back to its spot on fighter row, and I’ll get some photos of that as well.

Mr. B, our rescue dachshund, turns ten later this month. Adopting an older dog, a male dog in particular, can be a challenge (and Mr. B certainly was), but he is just the best damn dog now and I want to go out and adopt several more.

Something is wrong with our Comcast DVR. I had it set to record The Expanse and Better Call Saul, and it didn’t record a single episode of either. I suppose both new seasons will be on Netflix before long, but what the hell is wrong with my DVR? Is it going to miss Fargo too? It had better not!

I swung a leg over the motorcycle yesterday and tried to get comfortable with my feet on the pegs, but my right knee, the new one, doesn’t want to bend that much yet, so I’ll have to be patient. At the same time I’ll have to keep working at it, because one of my recovery goals is to be riding again before the end of August. I hope that doesn’t have to slip into September, but if it must it must.

More soon!

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