Wednesday Bag o’ Solitude

Well, doesn’t that sound self-serving and dramatic! It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. Donna left this morning for a five-day sewing expo in Puyallup, Washington. Her greatest concern, leading up to this long-planned trip, was that I’d be okay by myself for a few days. Since my recovery is going so well, I […]


You Can’t Read That!

You Can’t Read That! is a periodic post featuring banned book reviews and news roundups.

YCRT! News Roundup

Japanese town puts up a replica of Michelangelo’s “David,” residents demand pants.

Remember that guy who got Americans and Congress all worked up over comic books back in the 1950s? Turns out his “research” […]


Cynical Dog Whistles

I was born in Limbaugh Land: Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I’m four years older than Rush, but the Limbaughs were face cards in that town long before he (or even I) came along, and remain a powerful local dynasty today. One of them crunched my sister’s car a few years back. There was no question of […]


Waiting for the Blizzard

We’re supposed to be in the middle of a blizzard. In actuality, it’s merely chilly and gray. It sprinkled here an hour ago and looks to sprinkle again soon. Nothing I’d call a blizzard, but that’s Arizona for you: a cloud is an overcast; a sprinkle a monsoon; gusty winds a hurricane; snow above 6,000 […]


That Which Must Not Be Said

“Good writing on the PT, by the way. Everyone, trust me, wants to know all the gory details. Write more.” So says a friend who follows my blog. All the gory details? Are you sure?

Of course she’s sure. And she’s right. People do want to know. We had our first post-surgical houseguests over last […]


PT & Recovery Update

My home PT regimen consists of a series of leg flexing and extending exercises I can do on the bed in the spare bedroom (if I tried to do them on the floor in my present condition I’d never be able to get back up). Ten to twenty repetitions of each, two to three sets […]


You Lie!

No, I’m not talking about what I expected to hear Ted Nugent yelling from the gallery during last night’s State of the Union speech. No, I’m talking about Esquire magazine and its recent article titled “The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden … Is Screwed.”

The article’s subject is “the Shooter,” an unnamed member of […]


Recovery and Physical Therapy

Phase 2 has begun. Wednesday afternoon’s knee surgery was successful and, after three nights in a hospital room, I was allowed to go home Saturday afternoon. Outpatient PT starts tomorrow.

The dogs were glad to see me home again, especially Schatzi, who has always taken a motherly interest in my welfare. She does not approve […]