Wednesday Bag o’ Thoughts & Prayers

A year after 9/11, the Justice Department obtained video surveillance tapes suggesting terrorists were targeting Las Vegas casinos. Local authorities were informed, but no alert was issued because the casinos didn’t want tourists scared away. I blogged about it at the time, and wondered afterward why such an obvious target for terrorism had never been attacked.

Voices and Votes

A visitor from outer space would describe Congress as a place where bribery is both legal and encouraged. I guess it’s always been that way; maybe I am naive. Still, you have to try. We can’t say we’re a representative democracy if we quit believing our voices and votes mean something.

Both Sides Know Gun Control Works

Same old same old. If you don’t know the difference between shotguns and rifles, or think 9mm Rugers look like 9mm Glocks, you’re not qualified to have an opinion on guns and mass shootings, therefore let us shut down all talk of background checks, therefore everyone should carry, therefore good men with guns should go forth and shoot all the bad men with guns, therefore Thunderdome!

Cynical Dog Whistles

I was born in Limbaugh Land: Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I’m four years older than Rush, but the Limbaughs were face cards in that town long before he (or even I) came along, and remain a powerful local dynasty today. One of them crunched my sister’s car a few years back. There was no question of […]